2024 Draft Resolutions

The Committee on Resolutions met and thoroughly reviewed and studied each resolution submitted to the Association.  They then sought additional data on several resolutions and conducted further clarification from several authors.  After careful consideration, the Committee recommends to the membership that the following actions on the resolutions be adopted as a group, as written.

Resolutions 1-4: Sponsor
Resolution 5-7: Co-Sponsor
Resolution 8-9: Sponsor

The full resolutions are printed in their entirety and available for review in the National Guard Association of Mississippi Office or online below. We recommend the NGAMS fully support and co-sponsor the NGAUS draft resolutions as written and encourage NGAUS to pursue these resolutions to the National Guard Bureau, the Department of Defense and the Congress of the United States.

Lieutenant Colonel Jim Barry and Major Jake Way
Chairs, Committee on Resolutions

1- Procurement of biobased adsorbent products to ensure the health of Airmen during maintenance operations

2- Procurement of biobased absorbent products to ensure the health of Soldiers during all sustainment and maintenance operations

3- Remove silica based absorbents from sourcing lists and catalogs and replace with biobased absorbent alternatives

4- Purchase battery powered generators and reduce legacy diesel generators footprint within the National Guard’s inventory

5- Acquire & field weapon-mounted, individual marksmanship training systems

6- Purchase “smart” less lethal launchers to state escalation of force capabilities

7- Restart and modernize National Guard Control Humidity Preservation (CHP) sites to support cost avoidance, higher asset readiness levels, reduced maintenance costs, extended equipment lifecycles, and compliance with Army Regulation 11-42.

8- Provide CNGB the authority to authorize National Guard 502(f)(2) orders with Stafford Act funding from FEMA/DHS when requested by a state governor

9- KC-46 Recapitalization