State Sponsored Life Insurance

You may now apply for National Guard State Sponsored Life Insurance (SSLI) online using the one simple form below.

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No Cost $1,000 Death Benefit for Active Guard Members

This benefit is free to you. All Mississippi active guard members are covered 24/7 whether drilling or not. There’s no enrollment necessary – you are automatically eligible for this benefit should something happen to you.

Basic Coverage

Basic Coverage provides financial protection in the event of death. It also provides coverage for your spouse and/or children, all at an affordable monthly cost.

Member Coverage

Amount          Monthly cost
$15,000         $5.80
$35,000         $12.25
$50,000         $16.95

Dependent Coverage

Spouse            Each child               Monthly cost
$15,000          $5,000                     $4.00
$30,000          $10,000                   $8.00
$50,000          $15,000                   $13.00

Dual Coverage: If you and your spouse are both members of the MS National Guard you must have your own individual coverage. Either you or your spouse can apply for coverage on children but not both.

Separation: If you have been insured for 12 consecutive months, you can retain your basic coverage until age 60. You may keep the same amount in force except for the extra increased insurance. You can pay the monthly contribution on a direct bill basis.

Retirement: At retirement, if you have 20 years of service and have been insured for 12 consecutive months, coverage continues in force until age 60 at the same premium. Between 60 – 70 death benefit reduces to $10,000, spouse benefit to $10,000, and dependent children to $2,500. At age 70, death benefit reduces to $5,000, spouse benefit to $5,000, and dependent children remains at $2,500.

Spouse retention: A surviving spouse age 59 or less of an insured member who dies before age 60 can retain the coverage he/she carried as a dependent of the deceased Guard member and may include related coverage on the already insured dependent children at a slightly higher cost.

Both the Basic and Enhanced coverage offer no combat or terrorism exclusions. No geographical area exclusions.

Enhanced Coverage offers this additional member Benefit:

As a unique member benefit, AFBA is proud to offer families of eligible fallen members the Charles C. Blanton AFBA Family Survivor College Scholarship. Surviving spouse and children are eligible for $10,000 per year, up to a total maximum benefit for the entire family of $40,000 toward an undergraduate degree, license or certification.

Enhanced Coverage

When you have the maximum coverage in Basic Coverage, you can purchase additional coverage. Enhanced Coverage provides affordable term life insurance with a level death benefit and only 3 age bands for contributions.

Affordable life insurance
You can purchase $50,000 of protection for as little as $4 a month if you’re under 50 years of age and don’t use tobacco products. Contributions increase at each age band as shown below.

No medical exam for Guard members under age 50 applying for up to $250,000 of coverage and ages 50-59 up to $100,000. For spouses, no medical exam under age 40 up to $250,000 and under age 50 up to $150,000. Just complete the enrollment form and answer a few health questions.

Coverage from $50,000 to $400,000
Based on your individual situation, you decide how much coverage is right for you and your family.

Emergency death benefit payment
Emergency death benefit payment of up to $15,000 within one business day of notification to help your loved ones with immediate costs.

Full coverage after retirement or separation
As long as contributions are paid, coverage continues to age 70*. There are no occupation restrictions, so regardless of what you do after the military, you’re covered. Regardless of any health issues that may develop in the future, you’re still covered. Upon retirement or separation, policy contributions will be paid directly to AFBA rather than through allotment.

* After 70th birthday, Enhanced Coverage terminates on coverage anniversary date.

Spouse coverage
You can easily purchase coverage for your spouse on the same application.

Monthly Contributions (Male/Female) Non-Tobacco
*Tobacco user contributions are two (2) times non-tobacco user contributions.  Tobacco user is one who has used any tobacco product in the past 12 months.

Age          $50,000        $100,000        $150,000        $200,000        $250,000        $300,000        $350,000        $400,000
18-49       $5.00            $10.00              $15.00             $20.00             $25.00             $30.00             $35.00             $40.00
50-59       $18.00          $36.00             $54.00             $72.00             $90.00             $108.00           $126.00           $144.00
60-69       $44.00          $88.00             $132.00           $176.00           $220.00           $264.00           $308.00          $352.00

You can provide the protection and peace of mind your loved ones need at affordable rates with AFBA. All active Mississippi National Guard members are eligible to apply. In addition to peace of mind, an AFBA membership gives you access to a wealth of benefits and products designed with your needs in mind.

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