Props to 2LT Daniel Rice

Earlier this week we received an online application for an active life membership from a new second lieutenant by the name of Daniel Rice of HSC, 890th EN BN. Its not highly unusual to receive an application as we have had several Service members take advantage of the active life membership special. Further, Daniel Rice had prior service so his commissioning was not his “first rodeo” with the military. The reason that we are writing an update on this particular application is due to LT Rice’s example of being everything that we strive to convey to our new officers.

As many are aware, a newly commissioned lieutenant is given a complimentary first year membership to NGAUS and NGAMS. Thus LT Rice didn’t even have to pay dues this year. However, LT Rice wasted no time making sure he became proactive in his future and the future of his fellow officers, enlisted Soldiers and their families. Further, LT Rice is now done with paying NGAUS and NGAMS dues for the rest of his active and retired career and saved himself literally thousands of dollars.

Thank you again Daniel for your example. We look forward to working with you.